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Reviews and Useful Information Hot off the Flat Iron


If you need to wear a shower cap, this is the one to buy!

Mon, 02/22/2010 - 5:19PM by sashacoco 0 Comments -

Shower caps are not pretty. They serve a purpose and a good one. Usually every two weeks I go to my local drug store and have to buy a new plastic showercap. I use it to preserve my precious blowout while bathing. I can proudly say that since purchasing my new showercap, I have not had to buy a repalcement in three months. If you have ever used a showercap you know that after a week or two of wear they get funky. The elastic goes bad and they are no longer effective. On a whim, I purchased a new showercap from the New York salon called Blow. It is a plastic cap with a Terry lining. It is oversized with helps when I put a clip in my hair to hold it back. It is a bit pricey at $18.00, but it is well worth it. Thanks blow for making such a wonderful showercap!


Always in search of the perfect classy red nail polish

Tue, 01/07/2014 - 10:16AM by sashacoco 0 Comments -
Always in search of the perfect classy red nail polish
Here is an oldie but goodie. OPI Big Apple Red. This is two coats with picture taken in indoor lighting. It is a good color with decent coverage, but my search continues.


Meet my new Bestie "V", The Joico Vaporiron

Mon, 02/15/2010 - 12:34PM by sashacoco 0 Comments -

Let me start by saying that I love flatirons.  My wavy frizzy hair gets straight with the heat of a blow dryer, but I love the smoothness I get from a flatiron.  I even carry a mini flatiron with me, "just in case".  I got word of Joico's new flatiron the Reconstruct Vaporiron in Beauty Launchpad and immediately started investigating.  Unfortunately, I could not find any reviews online due to it just being released.  I am a fan of the Joico K-pak, so I took a big risk and made the purchase.  The concept of the iron is that a specially formulated liquid version on the K-pak is instilled into the iron and the iron then transforms the K-pak to vapor that is steamed into the hair cuticle.  Their claim is to reduce breakage by over 40%, reduce color loss by up to 33.5%, and Minimize curl reversion, even after 12 hours in 90% humidity.  To sum it up, I was sold!

The packaging of the iron is very nice.  It comes in a sturdy cardboard box that flips up to reveal the product.  The box includes the iron, a instructional DVD, a manual and 3.4oz of the vaporfuel.  The vaporfuel is the liquid K-pak.  The manual explains that filling the chamber with the vaporfuel should last 2-3 sessions.  They explain that the iron should be used on completely dry hair with no styling product.  This made me nervous.  I think we have all been force fed the idea of using a heat protection product.  The iron is 1.25" of vented ceramic/silicone hybrid plates, a 9 foot swivel cord and an adjustable temperature control from  284 - 410 degrees.  I really like that it has a latch to keep the iron closed.  The iron is about the same in weight and size as other irons I own.  It also has an indicator light to alert when fully heated.

I have used the iron 4 times now and Wow!   I am really impressed.  My hair is very smooth and soft and stays that way for up to 3 days.  I flatironed my hair as I usually do.  I did not blow it dry and I did not apply any product.  I sectioned off my hair into four sections.  The iron does give off a boiling noise while in use and you must be careful not to get your hand to close to the vapor, or ouch!  My hair is not crunchy or dry.  The pictures below show my before when I allowed my hair to dry naturally and the after picture is after I used the iron.  The proof is in the pictures.  I will say that it is cold here now and I have not been in 90% humidity, but I am very happy with my purchase.
















I recommend this iron for anyone that is looking for smooth, shiny, silky, healthy hair (who isn't).  The price is steep.  I found it on Beauty-Mart for $168.50 and the MSRP is $295.00.  The refill fuel is about $15.00 for 300ml.  I have had to refill the chamber each time I have used the iron and it holds approximately 5-8ml.  In summary, if you love flatirons and have enjoyed K-pak in the past, you will love my bestie "V".



Is there a Makeup Anonymous?

Sun, 02/14/2010 - 9:05AM by sashacoco 0 Comments -



If so, I would be the charter member.  I live for all things pretty. I get palpitations upon entering Sephora.  My train case is overflowing.  I converted my hall closet into my "supply closet".  My husband knows my favorite brands, colors and hues.  I have a standing gift registry on Sephora.com for anyone wanting to buy me a present.  I read beauty magazines like they are gospel.  I love when friends ask my advise and I know exactly what to tell them.   I am a slave to my flat iron, who I named "V".  I never leave the house without a flat iron, EVER!  I never understand how I know more about styling products than my stylist.  I could not image my world without products.

So I ask, do I have a problem?  Do I need professional counseling or am I just another victim of the beauty industry.  Whatever the answer may be, I am happy and could not live without my Urban Decay, MAC and Smashbox to name a few.  I know I am not alone.  If there were not people like me, then there would be no beauty industry.  It is basic supply and demand.

So I proudly say...."Hello my name is Sasha Coco and I am addicted to Makeup!"